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Managing Multiple Sites From One Dashboard in WordPress

WPToronto_April_Managing_Multiple_Sites_Dejan_MarkovicIn case you missed WPToronto April 2015 meetup “Managing Multiple WordPress Sites From One Dashboard” by Dejan Markovic, the agenda was:

• An Introduction to ManageWP and it’s competitors
• What is ManageWP?
• A quick overview of the most popular WordPress plugins for managing multiple sites (ManageWP, CMS Commander, MainWP, InfiniteWP and Jetpack Manage)
• The Pros & Cons of using those tools

About Dejan:

Dejan is an experienced web developer with the strong knowledge in both front and back-end (PHP, ASP.NET, JavaScript, ColdFusion, HTMML5, CSS3, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc).

He is also an author and contributor for:

1. Buffer My Post https://wordpress.org/plugins/buffer-my-post/

2. Tweet old Custom Post https://wordpress.org/plugins/tweet-old-custom-post .

Dejan have just finished writing the book, “WordPress Responsive Theme Design Essentials” (Packt Publishing), that will be published soon (YAY). He was also a technical reviewer for the book “Learning Yeoman“.
In his spare time, he is an active member in the WordPress community and also one of the organizers of WPToronto meetup and WordCamp Toronto.

Luckily for you the slides from the presentation are available here!

Thanks to the company behind ManageWP (http://devana.rs/) some of the lucky attendees received cool prizes.


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